Prayers for the Week

Household Prayer: Morning

God of newness and delight,
you greet your world again with light and life.
I awaken to your presence behind, before, beneath, above and within me.
I thank you for another day
and ask only that you keep me so firmly in your care
that I can move gracefully through all I have to do.
Guard my family, my friends, and all my brothers and sisters in faith.
Let me be a peacemaker today; i Jesus’ name. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Good and Holy One,
you have led me through this day of many encounters
to the time when I may close my eyes and dream.
I thank you for the people you have sent me way today,
for the work I have had to do,
for the food, shelter, and safety you have given.
I pray that people everywhere
may have all necessary comfort and nourishment
and that I may lie down in peace,
resting in the trust that you are watching over all creation.
I pray this in the name of the One who made Earth,
called the children to come,
and blows through our days with wisdom. Amen.

(Source: Feasting on the Word, Worship Companion, Kimberly Bracken Long, Ed. (Westminster John Know Press: Louisville, 2013))

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