Tuesday, June 26th

Team 2: Day Two on the Worksite

Today, we painted the front deck, we didn’t get to put on the sealer but we are doing it tomorrow and also the back stairs. We also started to put in a storm door “almost finished.”


Team Kitchen Update

What I learned today: Today’s breakfast was French Toast with sausage and mixed fruit. Wake up was 6 a.m. for the missionaries, which meant it was really early for the kitchen crew. Today, I learned that it takes much more time to make eggless French Toast than regular French Toast. Much longer!! It took me the same amount of time to make 40 regular pieces as it did to make 8 pieces without eggs. Good to know!!! Dinner tonight was chicken tacos, black bean salsa, tortilla chips and fried ice cream. iHasta Mañana!


Feeding the Community Body and Soul