Sunday, July 7

So we landed!! Flooding issues near Toledo caused a route detour, but we still managed to make it in time for dinner. Tonight we had chicken tenderloins in a blueberry glaze, mashed potatoes, cauliflower bake, Cole slaw, tossed salad, and an artichoke salad. 

We are staying at a facility which is used as a warming center in the winter. It is air conditioned, has bunk beds and a small kitchenette.
We decided to do a cleaning before we moved in, and the youth were champions!! Julia and Elizabeth scoured the kitchen. Jan, Mikenzie, and Lathyn washed down all of the beds. Shannon and Tasia tackled the floors. Cyncere, Jesse, Sydney S, Makena, Jermaine, Sydney B and Iris unloaded the truck (with a little help from John, DJ, John-John, Henry, Ron and Dave).

After we were moved in we feasted on some chips and cold Snickers bars. During our orientation we learned about the history of the center and about the work planned for tomorrow. We will be split between the kitchen and landscaping. Rev. Paige let us in some prayer yoga and everyone settled in for the night.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Feeding the Community Body and Soul