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Procedures for In-Church Small Group Gatherings at NOUMC

(Small groups means 10 or fewer people, at this time)

The following procedures are to be practiced by small group leaders and participants in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please follow these procedures in respect for everyone’s health and safety.

  1. All surfaces are to be sanitized prior to the gathering and after; this includes bathrooms, tables and chairs, doorknobs, light switches, door handles, etc. All trash is to be taken to the dumpster at the end of the gathering.
  2. Screening is to be administered. This includes taking of temperatures, checking for other symptoms, recent travel histories, and contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19. This information will be recorded in case contact tracing becomes necessary. The organizer should locate the thermometer on top of the mailboxes. The paperwork and symptom sheet are tacked to the calendar outside the office. The cleaning supplies are by the door to classroom 7 across from the church office.
  3. Hand washing with soap or hand sanitizer is required before and after the meeting.
  4. Wearing of face coverings is required.
  5. Physical distancing is to be maintained at all times (a minimum of 6 ft.)
  6. No food or beverages will be served.
  7. A gathering must be approved by the church office before it is permitted to take place. Not all rooms of the church will be open. Gatherings should meet in classroom 7 across from the church office. One restroom near the classroom should be designated for use during the gathering.
  8. Only the door near the office should be used to enter and leave the building by the attendees. Someone should be stationed by the door to let other attendees enter. The doors should never be propped open. Late arrivals should phone the organizer to allow them entrance. The rest of the church building should be designated “off limits” to keep possible contamination to a minimum.
  9. An assessment of the gathering will be submitted to the office. Forms can be found tacked to the calendar outside the church office.
  10. The organizer is to see that all procedures are followed.

NOUMC Events Calendar

NOUMC’s events calendar is now online! If you would like to add the Google calendar to your computer or smart phone, please see the instructions below.

To change the view from monthly to day by day, choose the “agenda” option.

From your computer:

  • Open your Google Calendar web page on your browser.
  • Next to “Other calendars” in the bottom (left) navigation pane, click the + sign.
  • This will drop down a menu.  Select “Subscribe to calendar”.
  • This will open a new “Settings” page.  In the “Add calendar” box, type in ““.
  • The page should then populate with the settings for the NOUMC calendar.
  • Click on the left-facing arrow at the top left of the page to return to the calendar view.
  • The NOUMC calendar should now be visible in the bottom of the navigation pane.
  • You can make the church calendar entries visible or invisible by checking the box next to its name in the “other calendars” section of the navigation pane.

From your smart phone:

  • If you have an iPhone or Android phone with the Google Calendar app installed, following the instructions above will automatically add the NOUMC calendar to the app on your phone. 
  • Just like on your browser, you can turn the visibility of church events on or off by selecting it in the menu.
  • If you have another calendar app that is iCalendar compliant, you should be able to subscribe to the NOUMC calendar in it, using the instructions for that app.  A list of applications with iCalendar support can be found here.

Note that only Megan in the office can add, delete, or change NOUMC calendar entries.  If you need to do so, please contact her by phone at the church or at

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