Monday, June 25th

Team 1: First Day on the Worksite

We began demolition today on a very nice lady’s porch.There was nothing under one of the support beams for the roof, which was concerning, but Rev. Mark got some boards in place underneath to hold it up.We had a casualty of Henry’s hammer, which split in half. Other injuries included Makena hitting her finger with a hammer and Laythyn getting smacked in the nose with a board. John John got down in a hole along with Kiyah. They were knocking the boards out from the bottom.We ate our lunch at the church we worked on last year, which was right nearby.We got about 3/4 of the porch torn off, and tomorrow we’ll finish demolition and start rebuilding the porch. We missed our exit on our way back to the church and then we passed the church, so we didn’t get back until about 5.—Madi and Makena

Team 3: First Day on the Worksite

Greetings from an entire 1/3 of Team 3. (We only have 3 people. Our team number is fitting.) Today we began work at the Baker household, after dropping Team 2 off at their worksite. The original plan was to install a shower stall. However, due to complications and lack of manpower, we have started another job there. Cyncere and I worked on scraping old paint off the front porch, and then climbed a ladder to begin repainting. This was a challenge as we were painting the ceiling, which had nails sticking out of it every five inches or so. This task involved a lot of ducking, white paint, and the phrase “don’t get stabbed”. We’ve completed about a 1/3-1/4 of the painting we need to do on the ladder. We will also be painting the floor and beams of the porch, and sealing the front wall of the house, as it is wooden.We breaked for lunch, which we ate in the van (sweet air conditioning). The Baker family had a very friendly dog, as well as a cat that seemingly appeared out of nowhere while Dave was measuring the floor. We finished up around 3, headed over to get Team 2, and headed back to Clarence UMC around 3:30, where we waited for Team 1 to arrive with an explanation of just exactly how lost they had become or what detour they had taken.—Iris 

Team Kitchen Update

Tonight’s menu was Shepard’s pie three ways — featuring Henry’s mashed potatoes, baked corn, salad bar and Sydney’s pineapple peach dump cake.—Tammy

Feeding the Community Body and Soul