Monday, July 8th

I am happy to report that we made it thru Monday!!!! We have found that there is a lot of need here and no shortage of work to be done. 

Today both crews were split with a half day in the kitchen and the other half landscaping.  Our teams peeled potatoes and rutabagas and shucked corn. It was a very emotional day for the team that cleaned onions, so much that they named their team “The Cry Babies.”

We also cut grass, whacked and pulled weeds, played with potato bugs, and edged the grass.

Tonight’s dinner was chicken tenders or fish, French fries cut by our missionaries, with fresh baked oatmeal cookies!!!

It was a great first day for both teams and they are both super excited for tomorrow—DEMO DAY!!!!!

Work Mission has truly aged me. I am leaving Detroit a year older than when I left. My missionary friends decorated my bunk for my birthday 🙂


Feeding the Community Body and Soul