Our church does a great deal of mission work, both in our community and beyond. Some of our continuing efforts include our monthly community meal, work at the North Olmsted Food Pantry, Laura’s Home Supper Kitchen, working with Harvest Partners, North Olmsted Human Resources, Flat Rock Children’s Home, OhioGuidestone, and the annual youth mission trip.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee oversees the Mission work of the church.  It works with North Olmsted’s Oxcart Food Pantry to provide food and donations to stock their shelves and it coordinates Adopt-a-Family, Christmas Stockings and toy collections, Hat and Mitten Tree, and Easter Baskets.  It also makes decisions about the featured charity for Penny Sunday.

Penny Sunday Donations

The Third Sunday of every month, North Olmsted UMC takes a second offering during our worship service.  At this time we ask for your loose change or perhaps an extra dollar of two to support one of the missions of the church.

Following is the Schedule for our Penny Sunday Offerings:

  • February 19 – Support for the NOUMC Community Meal
  • March 19 – Support for Oxcart Easter Baskets
  • April 23 (delayed because of Easter) – Support for Berea Animal Shelter – Youth Service Project
  • May 21 – Purchase Food for Youth Work Mission
  • June 18 – Provide Funds to District for UM Camperships
  • July 16 – Provide School Supplies for Oxcart Pantry

ACTS – Aiding Community Through Service

North Olmsted UMC participates with several other churches in the North Olmsted Area in this organization whose primary purpose is to support the North Olmsted Oxcart Food Pantry.  Participating churches rotate what items they will collect to help stock the shelves.  NOUMC’s schedule is as follows:

  • March – Canned Meat and Fish
  • April – Peanut Butter

It is our goal to always collect at least seventy items each month.  Additionally, NOUMC has taken the lead in providing toilet paper to the Pantry at all times.

In addition to food items, ACTS provides a vehicle for churches to discuss their respective Community Meals and other successes and challenges within their congregations and outreach/mission programs.

Youth Work Mission Trip

Our Youth makes an annual mission trip (usually the last week of June), to serve those in need.  Destinations vary: urban or rural, and direction.  Locations are usually six to eight hours from home. Stay tuned for more details about this year’s trip!

Midwest Mission Distribution Center

Our trip to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) in March was great! We mended quilts, built school desks, repaired bicycles, packed health kits, school kits, teacher kits, layette kits, and flood buckets and build crates for medical equipment that is on its way to Kenya. We visited with local groups who were there to help and even had a tour of Sisters Mission, another distribution site that specializes in medical equipment. Our afternoon off was spent at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield. And we ate! Our meals were prepared by the best chefs in the area! Keep collecting all those supplies! We will take them all with us again next year! Contact the office about our next trip. Please consider joining us!

For more information about the Midwest Distribution Center see:  http://midwestmissiondc.org

Supplies needed for MMDC

Suggested Shipping Donation-$5.00  * Suggested brands, but not mandatory
– 5 gal. bucket with re-sealable lid
– 1/2 or 3/4 gal. Bleach (Do not include if mailing to MMDC.)
– Liquid Laundry Detergent- 50 oz.
– 12 oz. Liquid Lysol Cleaner Concentrate
– Antibacterial Dish Soap- 16 to 28 oz.
– Air Freshener- 9 oz.
– Insect Repellent (not killer)-6 to 9 oz.  (*Off, Cutter)
– 5 Scouring Pads (not steel wool)
– Scrub Brush
– 18 Cleaning Towels (*Easy Wipe, re-usable)
– Sponges- 7 pack, assorted sizes
– 50 Clothes Pins (snap)
– Clothesline (cotton)  3/16″ diameter x 100 ft.
– Dust Masks- 5 pack (disposable) (sealed in a bag)
– Latex Gloves- Package of 2 pair (Premier)
– Work Gloves (Wells Lamont, Canvas Dot) 1 pair
– Trash Bags, 30 gal. or larger- 24-Bag Roll (rolled into 2 sets of 12)

Suggested Shipping Donation-$1.00 Health Kits can be used in many situations!  Such as following a disaster, as learning tools in literacy, nutrition, and cooking classes.  They are also distributed to people who understand personal hygiene but have limited resources.  Please be sure all items are new!
– 1 Hand Towel (not bath, finger-tip or kitchen size)
– 1 Wash Cloth
– 1 Comb (regular size, not pocket size, no rat-tail combs, no barber combs)
– 1 Fingernail Clipper (no files or emery boards)
– 1 Bar of Soap (3 oz. or larger in original wrapper)
– 1 Toothbrush (adult size-in original wrapper) (no multi packs)
– 1 Tube of Toothpaste (4.5 oz. or larger. Check expiration dates-must be a
least one year ahead.)
– 6 Adhesive Bandages
(Band-aids; regular size-no pictures-wrapped in a rubber band.)

Needs List

School Kit Supplies- especially Spiral Notebooks (70-80 pages)
Blankets (new or in very good condition)
Adult & Children’s chewable multivitamins
Fingernail brushes (for Healthy Birth Kits)
Infant gowns, sleepers, undershirts, and onesies
Cloth baby diapers (for Layette Kits)
School Backpacks (sewing pattern available from  MMDC)
School bag fabric (medium to heavy weight such as  denim, twill, corduroy, some upholstery fabrics, etc.) NOT 100% synthetic.
Hand towels (not finger-tip size or kitchen)
Washcloths 50 oz. liquid laundry detergent (available at Cub
Foods & dollar stores)
6 oz. Insect Repellant (not killer) (Off, Cutter, etc.)
aprox. 28 oz. antibacterial dish soap
12 oz. Liquid Lysol Cleaner Concentrate (available  at Wal-Mart)
9 oz. air freshener Plywood
Lumber- 2 x 4s, 2 x 6s Sergers and Sewing Machines
Farm tractor (heavy duty) with front end loader, running well
Dry small red beans, vegetable oil, rice, charcoal for Haiti & Liberia, Africa
15 passenger Van for Liberia, Africa (in good
working condition)
Bicycles (tires for off-road use)
Riding Lawn Mower
Laptop Computer & Projector for programs
Camper Shell for Pick-up Truck (full size, cab high)