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2019 Posts

Friday, July 12th/Saturday, July 13th

We are on the road home!! Yesterday was awesome! Pastor Hoyte and Terri spent the morning with us weeding and cleaning the grounds of a church and we spent the afternoon at a dance party in an adult day care. Read more.

Thursday, July 11th

We made it to Thursday! Rec Day!!!! We spent the morning in a factory where used tires are converted into door mats. The crews were split into teams of 2 and everyone attempted to create a door mat. Most of us found it confusing and had to start over a few times. Read more.

Wednesday, July 10th

Both teams worked in the kitchen and on the shredding assembly line. Our group cleaned all the tables and chairs in the dining room and then worked on meal prep. We snapped peas, peeled carrots, chopped celery and cut 40 pounds onions. We meet a new chef today, and she let us sample warm homemade bread and cookies. Read more.

Tuesday, July 9th

So we woke up very eager on Tuesday to find out what we would work on for Demo Day, only to find out it will be another day of landscaping.  We split our group into 3 teams so we could get a few extra projects done. My group cut more grass and worked on cleaning and edging the street. Read more.

Monday, July 8th

I am happy to report that we made it thru Monday!!!! We have found that there is a lot of need here and no shortage of work to be done. Read more.

Sunday, July 7th

So we landed!! Flooding issues near Toledo caused a route detour, but we still managed to make it in time for dinner. Tonight we had chicken tenderloins in a blueberry glaze, mashed potatoes, cauliflower bake, Cole slaw, tossed salad, and an artichoke salad. Read more.

Pre-Trip Message

28 missionaries heading to the Cass Center in Detroit, Mi. We pack the truck this Saturday at 2:00 at NOUMC. Be sure to bring your bin and your bag with your bedding. See you there!!! Read more.

2018 Posts

Work Mission 2018 Recap

Wow! I can’t believe we are home already? What a week! Our trip up to Buffalo felt like we were in an episode of Gilligan’s Island! Our “3 hour tour” seemed like it would never end. Detours, pit stops, fuel….oh my! When boredom finally set in, I began to match our adults to a character from Gilligan’s Island and then we sang the theme song together upon our arrival (our character match ups are our little secret ). We were all able to have a good laugh, and it was the running joke all week. After dinner and devotions, we were given our team assignments. My team was made up of John, Heaven (Simpson UMC), Mikenzie, and Angelina (Makena’s best friend). Read more.

Thursday, June 28th — Recreation Day

We woke up to rain and clouds, we went to our job sites, worked hard and the sun came out. We’re having a beautiful day at Fantasy Island and are planning on devotions at the park. Planning on dinner with our families tomorrow night. God is good!!! Read more.

Wednesday, June 27th

Today, it rained and we still worked in it, we finished the porch and tomorrow we finish the railings on the porch. we left around 3:00 because we finished for the day. Read more.

Tuesday, June 26th

Today, we painted the front deck, we didn’t get to put on the sealer but we are doing it tomorrow and also the back stairs. We also started to put in a storm door “almost finished.” Read more.

Monday, June 25th

We began demolition today on a very nice lady’s porch. There was nothing under one of the support beams for the roof, which was concerning, but Rev. Mark got some boards in place underneath to hold it up.We had a casualty of Henry’s hammer, which split in half. Other injuries included Makena hitting her finger with a hammer and Laythyn getting smacked in the nose with a board. John John got down in a hole along with Kiyah. They were knocking the boards out from the bottom.We ate our lunch at the church we worked on last year, which was right nearby. Read more.

Sunday, June 24th

After arriving at 6:14 p.m., we had a late dinner of salad, watermelon and Clarence Pizza. Our beds are set up and we’re going to find out our teams tonight. Read more.

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